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The new normal of Dentistry: review of recommendations for resuming dental assistance during the COVID-19 pandemicReis, Vanessa Paiva; Maia, Adriane Batista Pires; Bezerra, Adriana Raymundo; Conde, Danielle Castex
Nursing Care in the Adult Patients with Cardiorespiratory Arrest at the General San Francisco HospitalArias Trujillo, Adriana del Consuelo; Vargas Córdova, Ronnal Patricio; Estrada Medina, José Fernando
Quality of Life in People with Venous Ulcers and relationship with wound characteristicsPaganelli, Ana Beatriz de Toledo Saib; Domingues, Elaine Aparecida Rocha; Kaizer, Uiara Aline de Oliveira
Recommendations for the management and mitigation of aerosol produced by the use of high-speed rotary instruments during the COVID-19 epidemic: Integrative reviewMaia, Adriane Batista Pires; Reis, Vanessa Paiva; Bezerra, Adriana Raymundo; Conde, Danielle Castex
Reflections on the care of special needs patients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemicAzevedo, Marina Sousa; Oliveira, Rosiane Pereira de; Schardosim, Lisandrea Rocha; Costa, José Ricardo Sousa; Figueiredo, Márcia Cançado; Potrich, Mariana Vianna; Condessa, Aline Macarevich
The SURVIVAL through online Sociodrama: Covid19, what do you want to tell me?Castro, Amanda; Vidal, Gabriela Pereira; Silveira, Bruno da Silva da; Oliveira, Daniela Cardoso de
This is not a pyramid: revising the data, information, knowledge and wisdom classical modelRibeiro, Anna Carolina Mendonça Lemos; Santos, Carlos Denner dos
Use of anesthesia machine as a mechanical ventilator in COVID-19 patients in Critical Areas of Hospital de Especialidades Carlos Andrade MarínChávez Morillo, Darcy Jennifer; Uribe López, José Roberto
Workshop 2019: Meeting of Medical Scientific Journal EditorsArbeláez Rodríguez, Gloria del Rocío; Bilbao Medrano, Karen Stefany; Erazo Mejía, Jenny Marghiory; Merizalde Guerrero, Diana Catalina